100 dating in ethiopia

My height is 167cm and my weight is 67kg.travel alot due to work. hope to move to the Far East in the not too distant future.I dress usually casual in my freetime, otherwise in accordance to occassion True love Naturally, I am purpose-driven with good personality and great respect for others.The Coptic alphabet gave birth to the symbols that are used in Ethiopia for recording numerals, and, particularly, dates.Now please take a look at the converter on the left of the page.The Ethiopian year 2000 lasted from September 12, 2007 to September 11, 2008.

Ethiopia (officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) is a country in East Africa; it is one of the oldest states on our planet, as well as the oldest Christian country in Africa.

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I am very considerate, sympathy, kindu, truthful, trustful, understandable, caring, and friendly gentil respectful person.

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