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You can make this outing a group date with 2 other adventure seeking couples and claim the entire basket build for 6!Take flight in a giant balloon and see the city like never before.Help each other through ropes courses at Holiday Valley.With 13 courses available ranging in difficulty levels (the higher up the course, the harder it is) there are plenty of options to choose from.Get a stunning view of our beloved Buffalo while soaring through the sky together.You’ll be departing from the Buffalo Lancaster Airport to tour the Buffalo area and begin your journey over Canalside, Downtown Buffalo, and more.

It’s true, nothing truly brings a couple closer together than sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience together. Make sure you call to schedule your jump ahead of time.Each course includes at least one zip line, with the exception of the “Commando” rope course, and some even have multiple zip lines.Everyone is given a harness with a guard strap that keeps you from falling if you slip or accidentally let’s go.Make sure you sign up ahead of time and arrive 45 minutes prior to your departure time.They go over some safety tips before piling into the boat.