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After my book was finished, it took me around 6 hours to format it to their guidelines. Your book will be available on Amazon in the US, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. For prices .99 – .99, Amazon gives you 70% and takes 30%. Enroll in the KDP select program, making sure your book is available exclusively to Amazon (or they won’t pay your royalties! If your book is borrowed by KDP members, you’ll also receive a share of the borrowed royalty pie. I tried my first free promotional period on a weekday.This can easily be outsourced for under 0 on e Lance, too. First, “Save as” Filtered HTML, and then into Amazon’s format (PRC) using Mobi Pocket Creator. For anything outside of that, Amazon takes 65%, and you get 35%. Create an author page on Amazon Author Central Write a bio and add a photo – you are now an author! (For me, this is so minute as to not be relevant – yet.) For all the info on the KDP Select Program check this out. The second time, I tried it on a weekend, where I figured more people would be lazing about on the couch browsing the Kindle Store.I unsubscribed my book from Smashwords faster than you could say “, and enrolled in KDP Select, making my book free for a 24-hour period. After the first hour of “free” promotion, I checked how many copies had been downloaded. At the end of the 24 hour period, my book had been downloaded 400 times – a lot more than I’d sold during six weeks of being in the Kindle store.After the freebie period was over, people continued downloading the book.When it went “free” on the Kindle store, it said FREE.This meant an ‘discount’ during the free period, as opposed to books which were normally 99c, and are then free during promotion (99c discount). Getting in the top twenty lists, and staying there after the promotional period When someone downloads your book (for free or paid), it moves up the charts.Hopefully, your message will get into more peopleís hands than it would have otherwise: thatís the whole point, right? It’s not difficult to publish an information product onto the Kindle Store.Authors and information agents – go make it happen!

Remembering the encouragement of several ‘real’ authors much braver than I am, I hit the button.

Amazon does not kick you off the charts after your free promotion ends.

Being in the charts when it reverted back to a paid download meant more people saw it, and resulted in more sales.

Here’s what my sales figures have looked like: In my experience, four things contributed to the increase in sales: 1.

People like freebies, and they like “expensive” freebies.