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All of Japan's Twitter is not up in arms about Honey Boo Boo influencing their families to eat sticks of butter.Japanese people respect our desire to destroy our families in our own fat and sugary ways. What's coming is even crazier and far more realistic, and it's found an unexpected place: the crowdfunding site Patreon.

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won't be the first VR adult game to break through, and if it does it will be for the wrong reasons. Until then, is the gold standard; the most polished VR room-scale sex simulator on the market, bar none -- and that's just as culturally important for journalists to consider beyond "omg it's a little like rapelay in VR". Look, if you must import this, don't take a big cowboy shit on it. There are adults that live over there, and there's already enough cowboys telling them how to make videogames - stop.

It's bad enough that we're making the Japanese self-aware of their awesome dick festivals and over here microchip makers are funding whatever this is.

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