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Conflicting stories became a profitable commodity to be bought and sold in the form of newspapers, magazines, tell-all books, and television shows.

By the time the justice system was finished with the affair, Americans would be fascinated or repelled by a story in which nearly all of the action took place out of the courtroom.

He declared that Fisher's claims were hallucinations.

Television and press reporters swarmed around Joey Buttafuoco.

"The husband's accounted for — he had an alibi, so he didn't do it.

Defendant: Amy Fisher Crimes Charged: Attempted murder, assault Chief Defense Lawyer: Eric Naiburg Chief Prosecutor: Fred Klein.

Just before the firearm went off, Mary Jo was not aware of any potential danger. That was the end of my life as I knew it." "I felt that explosion," she explains of the gunshot.

"It felt like someone had taken a bat and hit me, but it didn’t hurt. Scandal Made Me Famous: Amy Fisher premieres on Reelz Saturday, November 19, at 9 p.m.

Anyone who assumed that Fisher was merely a smitten teenager confused by the promises of an older lover got a rude shock a week after the shooting.That’s what was so odd." After the gun blast, Mary Jo was found unconscious by her neighbors, who then had her promptly airlifted to the hospital. Former Nassau County prosecutor Fred Klein explains that the case was initially a bit baffling, given that there were no eyewitnesses. Was there some crazy psycho on the loose shooting housewives in Massapequa? The media latched onto the tale of the "Long Island Lolita" with an obsession that rivaled Fisher's hunger for Buttafuoco's affection.Reporters looking for a fresh angle in the case were rewarded within days.