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This movie is sheer perfection and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

If this movie was edible, I would tell everyone about it and Instagram pictures of it but I wouldn't want to share a single bite because it is oh so delicious.

Sweating out a "D" in that economics course under the department's most notorious instructor .

Bouncing checks at Mack's and writing more for books at the bookstore .

Our leading man Jon Favreau not only wrote, directed, and starred in this movie; he also hired on chef and food truck owner Roy Choi to teach him proper cooking techniques for his character and to plan the menu of this movie. I love that Jon Favreau had such dedication to this movie - and it completely shows!

This movie is brimming with passion and love in so many aspects - relationships between family and former loves and food and following your heart.

My love for movies that center around cooking and eating and food is no big secret - movies like No Reservations, Eat Pray Love, and Like Water For Chocolate sweep me off my feet and inspire me to get in the kitchen and make things.One night, the staff of Gaulouise is told that the most prominent food blogger on the Internet is going to be coming in to review the restaurant and Carl couldn't be more excited! They will serve the same dishes that people come back night after night for, nothing changes. He sends out a tweet on Twitter inviting Ramsey to come back to the restaurant for a brand new menu that will make him want to write an instant retraction. He is ordered to publicly apologize to Ramsey about his harsh tweets and to stick to the same menu as before. Carl has no job, and with all the traffic that his tweets and the review have recieved nobody wants to hire him.He launches into preparing a brand new menu full of daring new plates that Carl has never shared before - he wants to show this critic that he is as prominent a chef as he ever was! Carl is unhappy with this, but he doesn't want to lose his place in the kitchen so he complies. The food critic, Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt), lays into Carl's mediocre dishes and calls them tired and desperate. But Carl can't do that, his integrity and his food - his life blood - has been insulted and he wants to prove that he is as brilliant a chef as he was all those years ago. But Carl does have a shot at turning everything around. 45 ■•(Wk S Wondering if your date would mind an "astronomy les- son" at the ballpark . MIKEMAXEY KATHY Mc CRORY MILLER MITCHELL President . Treasurer MEMBERS Allen Armistead Mitzi Anthony Stephanie Aucoin Bill Atkinson Tricia Boye La Nelle Brett Del Ann Bruister Susan Buchner Frank Campbell Lee Curtis Dancey Dabbs Sandra Davis Tim Douglas Mary Love Duplain Susan Fairbanks Mike Gentry Alan Godwin Kathy Head Martha Herren Julia Hodges Haden Hughes Beth Langston Susan Martin Bill Mattox Mike Maxey Kathy Mc Crory Cherri Mc Cuiston Colene Milton Miller Mitchell Franklin Myers Lee Newman Nancy Nunn Dean Rominger Jo Shumake Libby Stone Susan Turner Don Walker James Wedgeworth Marsha Wedgeworth Maggie Yates 103 Phi Kappa Phi OFFICERS DORA R.