Article on dating abuse

They may lack experience, desire independence from their parents or guardians or romanticize abusive behavior and confuse it with love.

The Avon Foundation for Women encourages parents to pay close attention to their teens’ relationships.

They may lose interest in activities that they normally enjoy or be frequently upset and prone to lash out.

In some cases, teens may report feeling unsafe or afraid around their partners, and they may have bruises, scratches or other injuries that they cannot explain.

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I gained 40 pounds (during our relationship) because he said that I wasn’t eating enough and that it wasn’t healthy.” Rick and Anna believe these actions were purposeful and manipulative, intended to destroy Jamie’s confident nature and help David keep her to himself.After graduating fifth in her high school’s senior class, she matriculated to a four-year university with an impressive scholarship.And then her relationship with David took precedence. She became increasingly more isolated from family and friends.Jamie’s focus would quickly shift from school and athletics to keeping David appeased.She had to remain in constant contact with the teen throughout the day, or face being accused of cheating.