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“That’s when you have a fire.” Putting a Price on Safety There are many elements to consider when it comes to electrical systems, including the age of the building, code issues and the magnitude of the project.

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A minimum service fee ensures that the company can cover its overhead when they visit a job site.Electricians install wiring in new homes or during remodels.They can also completely replace outdated wiring in residential and commercial buildings.Although it’s possible to salvage old wires that are still intact and get rid of frayed or aluminum wiring, Girard says it may be more cost effective and safer to rewire the entire property — especially because old wiring systems don’t balance the electrical loads across the circuit as well as new ones. You’re Installing New Appliances The increased number of appliances used and the larger volume of energy they collectively draw may exceed a property’s service capacity, says Dan Bollin, president and CEO of Transtar Electric Security & Technologies, an electrical and low-voltage contractor in Toledo, Ohio.Although pre-1960s buildings usually had 60 amp services, the current minimum standard for most residential properties is 100 amps, as designated by the National Electrical Code.