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I met a very interesting fellow who gave me some interesting news when I was out at the East St. Wil Bias, and his wife Diane, have already scheduled the first annual Camellia City Smooth Jazz Fest for Slidell next year on The "Northshore 985 Dance Party," promoted as a dance for "older adults," will bring monthly Friday night entertainment to Slidell.The first dance is scheduled for Friday (March 28) at 7 p.m.These nestlings will first leave the nest in late May to early June, approximately 72 days after hatching.Both parents take care of the young eagles even after they leave the nest.The jazz festivals named previously have one thing in common—they all began as small local events that have grown to major national and international concerts, each of them now drawing thousands, even tens of thousands to their cities, and creating a multi-million dollar impact.Slidell hopes to be the next major jazz festival on that circuit thanks to the work of Will and Diane Bias, who have spent over two years planning the Camellia City Smooth Jazz Fest.Will and Diane have been jazz lovers for years and have attended dozens of national and international smooth jazz shows.After seeing so many of the big jazz events around the country they decided to become music promoters themselves by forming Jin Jeans Productions.

Incubation lasts for a period of approximately 35 days, at which time one to two nestlings will hatch.1st Egg Hatched: April 5, 2017 2nd Egg Hatched: April 6, 2017 3rd Egg Hatched: April 10. Pursuant to state and federal law it is illegal to "take, feed, disturb, possess, sell, purchase or barter, or attempt to engage in any such conduct, any bald eagle or parts thereof, or their nests or eggs. You will see life being started, and sustained, in very natural ways. The Standley Lake Eagle cam was installed in the fall of 2016 by a team of City of Westminster Open Space staff, the company View Into The Blue and United Power, who donated all of their time and manpower to make this project a reality.Tammany Parish, and on Sunday they hosted a launch party of supporters for the first event set for Saturday, Oct.7, 2017 on the grounds of the Northshore Harbor Center.