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Per diem is allowed when interruptions occur on an official trip because of an authorized stopover, or because of circumstances beyond the control of the traveler. Delays of travel that would require payment of 2 days or more of per diem are considered inordinate delays.No per diem is payable for such a delay absent adequate justification as determined by the office or authorizing official who approves travel.14 FAM 571.3 Authorities (CT: LOG-80; ) (State/BBG/USAID/Commerce/Agriculture) In addition to the authorities listed in 14 FAM 511.4, 14 FAM 570 derives from the following authorities: (1) 5 U. The rates are published in Section 920 (Post Classification and Payment Table (Allowances by Location)) of the Standardized Regulations. Special agents, at their duty station, are eligible for reimbursement of subsistence expenses of pre-approved lodging. Reimbursement may be paid if the special agents on protective assignment are required to remain overnight at their post of duty or to work 16 or more consecutive hours.14 FAM 572.2-3 Rates Applicable in Nonforeign Localities Outside Continental United States (CONUS) (CT: LOG-36; ) (State/BBG/USAID/Commerce/Agriculture) The maximum per diem rates, based on the worldwide lodgings-plus system, for travel in parts of the United States outside of the continental United States (see definition in 14 FAM 511.3), are those established by the Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee of the Department of Defense. In each case, agents must obtain authorization from the Director, Office of Protection, Diplomatic Security Service (DS/DO/P), or his or her designee, prior to incurring reimbursable expenses. Agents must submit their travel voucher via the Departments electronic processing system.Reductions are taken as stated in this section for additional family members accompanying the first traveler.14 FAM 573 COMPUTING PER DIEM (CT: LOG-72; ) (State/BBG/USAID/Commerce/Agriculture) Calendar days are used for all per diem computations, except as noted in 14 FAM 573.3.

14 FAM 574.3 Delays and Interruptions En Route (CT: LOG-72; ) (State/BBG/USAID/Commerce/Agriculture) a.

14 FAM 574.5-3 Illness or Injury (CT: LOG-72; ) (State/BBG/USAID/Commerce/Agriculture) a.

Whenever a traveler takes leave of absence of any kind because of illness or injury not due to the traveler's own misconduct, per diem is continued for periods not to exceed 14 calendar days in any one period of absence unless, under the circumstances, a longer period is approved by the authorizing official for travel and the Office of Medical Services (MED). No evidence of the illness or injury need be submitted with the travel voucher but the type of leave and duration thereof must be shown on the voucher.

14 FAM 573.1 Worldwide Travel (CT: LOG-80; ) (State/BBG/USAID/Commerce/Agriculture) a.

Travel of more than 24 hours: Per diem is computed as prescribed in Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Sections 301-11.101 and 301-11-100. Travel more than 12 hours but less than 24 hours: Per diem is computed as prescribed in Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Sections 301-11.101 and 301-11-100. For travel of 12 hours or less: No per diem is allowed for official travel that is 12 hours or less per Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Section 301-11.2.