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The adjacent community housed the Union Stock Yards—once the world’s largest livestock processing, distribution and meatpacking facility.“Back of the Yards” housed many of the Irish and German immigrants who worked in the slaughterhouses and factories.In 2016, Englewood hosted a meet-up of more than 100 graffiti artists.Their “Absolute Freedom” project can be found along 59th Street between Damen and Western avenues.This neighborhood shares its name with the sprawling lakefront park that was renamed in 1865 to honor the late Abraham Lincoln.

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Technically speaking, Edgewater is the newest of Chicago's 77 official "community areas," having split from Uptown in 1980.

Douglas—sits just blocks from the massive former Sears, Roebuck & Co. As one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country, the Gold Coast has been home to Chicago’s civic and business elite for more than a century.

It is particularly notable for its late 19th-century mansions, many of which have been repurposed as cultural institutions.

Today, downtown Chicago is a vibrant residential and commercial district famous worldwide for its innovative and iconic high-rises, boulevards and beautiful civic spaces such as Millennium Park.

Formerly known as Hardscrabble, Bridgeport was created to house the workers who built the 1848 Illinois and Michigan Canal.

Christian dating sites in illinois