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In true introvert fashion, Wilson’s character is often thrilled to be alone.

“You’ll notice that she’s often single and happy about it, though she’s occasionally on the prowl, and sometimes in a relationship.

kind of posts we hate on Facebook, while at other times we contemplate on how your first date is basically a job interview.

Just last week, we teach you how to NOT work at work!

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Illustrator Maureen “Marzi” Wilson, the woman behind the comic series Introvert Doodles, captures the pitfalls of dating as an introvert perfectly.

Not because they probably would not work even now in securing a date for me because my overwhelming self-hatred will somehow manage to seep into the app.

It is probably because I cannot believe that you can find your happily ever after (or happily 7 years of marital delusion) by an app where you choose your mate by swiping left or right based on something as superficial as a profile picture.

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Please email us at [email protected] you want us to write about something you care about or makes you very angry or just to show your appreciation! Not because they did not exist when I was single, lonely and was willing to hug anyone who looked at me.