Dating and marriage customs in mexico

The first dating experience for most young people is the or traditional stroll around the plaza on Sunday evenings.Under the watchful eye of extended family members, boys walk in one direction, and girls the other.It is not unusual for a girl to receive a ring of commitment a year or so before receiving her engagement ring.Gold, silver and diamonds are common in engagement and commitment rings, as signs that the love is as pure and as strong as the materials of the ring.Fathers exercise great control over their families and don't allow their daughters to date until they are 15 and have had their or coming out party.The father still wants to meet and must approve of a boy before his daughter can accept a date.Nice girls are expected to be at home at night, even into their twenties.Girls are expected to see their (boyfriends) at home and to spend a great deal of their dating time in the family living room surrounded by aunts and uncles, siblings, grandparents, and a blaring TV set.

This tradition, which began in the times of Charlemagne, ensures that the marriage is not improper or between persons who are already married to someone else.When love and culture clash: It all comes down to your family, and how easy they are on coping with traditional change.If a family is really close to their rural Mexican roots, they will have their own set of customs such as going out in a group, instead of alone with the date.They wanted to meet them and learn more about them, rather than “I’m going out with so and so.” And questions most parents ask, “Where did you meet him? Melissa Garcia, a graduate from the University of California, Riverside states, “I think my parents main concern is that I date someone that can support me, but as a 2012 Latina, that is not needed anymore.I think I am capable of fending for myself.” We all have different experiences especially since we all come from different backgrounds.