Dating at the high musuem of art

From the early 70s until the 90s, he collaborated with the engineer Peter Rice, forming Atelier Piano & Rice, between 19.Finally, in 1981, he established Renzo Piano Building Workshop, with a hundred people working in Paris, Genoa, and New York.

This exhibition uses works of art commissioned specifically for this installation by nationally recognized artists.Each chamber is devoted to a theme or to elements such as line and motion, light and space, color and shapes, illusions, viewpoints, etc.All works are interactive, in the sense that each would pique the viewer’s curiosity, impelling him to participate actively in it, moving from the delight of the initial experience of the piece, to an exploration of its underlying ideas, its effects, or its means.Color, form, texture, scale, space, surface, line and light were addressed by the varying degree of difficulty, size and accessibility of the exhibition parts.“Children in America” 1978 Children in America focused on the role and place of children in American Art.