Dating emails in qatar

But what I am finding hard to accept is the assertion that Blair didn't use the role as Quartet envoy to further his business interests.

It’s indisputable that his globetrotting role trying to solve the Israel-Palestinian crisis put him at many tables with world leaders with whom he could do business with.

There are two ways of looking at the latest revelations that Tony Blair was being paid millions by the United Arab Emirates while also working as Middle East envoy.

If you’re being kind to our former prime minister you might accept his assurances that there was no conflict of interest.

Four years later, in 2013, our former PM was having talks with the British government, on behalf of the UAE, when it was trying to secure deals in the UK worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The justification for these very large financial windfalls is that Blair was not being paid for his envoy role and needed to find money from somewhere to pay for the large travel expenses he and his office were running up.

Leaked emails speak of how “very grateful” Blair was that Sheikh Abdullah was able to get the two sides together and arrange meetings.

No doubt the Korean oil company concerned, UI Energy, felt its large payments to Blair for his help setting things up was money well spent.

A year later Blair was hired to do paid advisory work for them.

Is it any wonder that Blair’s eight-year tenure as Quartet envoy is largely seen as ineffectual when so much else was going on?

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That’s a lot of flights and hotel expenditure when you consider that as well as the millions he got from the sovereign wealth fund, there was £1.2m from Sheikh Abdullah’s office in 2011 and £8m for the UAE foreign ministry for work in Colombia, Vietnam and Mongolia.

What about consultancy roles in other countries which we haven’t been told about?