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Events of the period have vindicated Murray’s bleak vision and confounded his critics.

Murray is right: Time isn’t mellowing out Europe’s Muslims.

Today the EU constitutional treaty is memorable for occasioning one of Pope John Paul II’s final, and most prophetic, political interventions. Since Christianity had shaped the “humanism of which Europe feels legitimately proud,” the ailing pontiff argued, the constitution should make some reference to Europe’s Christian patrimony. The pope had inflamed the post-9/11 atmosphere of “Islamophobia,” one “anti-racism” outfit said.

Another group asked: What about the contributions made by the “tolerant Islam of al-Andalus”?

I could go on with such polling data; Murray does for many pages.

He is also correct that all the various “integration” models have failed.

Different European governments have treated this or that security measure, economic policy, or urban-planning scheme as the integration panacea, to no avail.At various points he even suggests that Europeans forgo economic as well as population growth if it means having to put up with fewer migrants.He praises hermetically sealed Japan, but he elides the Japanese model’s serious economic, demographic, and even psychological disadvantages.Second- and third-generation immigrants make up the bulk of the estimated 5,000 Muslims who have gone off to fight with the Islamic State.The first large wave of Muslim immigrants to Britain arrived soon after World War II.