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Does the new timeline allow for their relationship sometime in the past?Or does the fact that Clark and Lois have a child together - a boy who was born many years hence - negate any recent relationship between Diana and Clark? As much as fans love the dynamic of daddy Superman and his son Jonathan, the end of the "New 52" and the introduction of Jon as Superboy also sidelined another fan-favorite character, Kon-El.But if that happened, what about the death of the "New 52" Superman?And if the latter did not happen, then did Lois and Lana ever have powers together?Lucy asked Ron not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until she settled on what she was going to do.Ron, nevertheless, ended up telling Jimmy after Ron was fired (along with nearly everyone else) as Lex Luthor bought out the Daily Planet and shut it down.

Ron later had to call upon Superman to help rescue Lucy from an escaped ape-like creature that had broken out of S. Ron was opposed to the abortion, and begged Lucy not to rush into anything.An analysis of data about crime and sexually transmitted diseases led Safewise and to create a ranking map for online dating safety. The top five safest states were Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Utah and Idaho. While crime and disease data will not prevent prevent the liars, frauds and catfishing schemes which flourish on online dating sites, it is cautionary information when considering online dating, said analyst Kaz Weida. C." He explained, "We found some obvious correlations in the data between rates of crime and the rate of STDs per capita in certain cities.” There was “an extremely strong connection between the absence of a sex education program and that state's percentage of STDs,” he added. Readers may never get all the definitive answers - after all, the powers that tore Superman's essence in half (and created the "New 52") are apparently still out there.But the solicitation for next week's Action Comics #977 at least promises that Superman is going to be looking back at his "history." Perhaps next week's issue will be the first step toward readers understanding what the combination of "New 52" and post-Crisis Superman and Lois Lane means.