Dating married ex boyfriend

I know her and I trust that he's telling the truth about them just having fun together.

She also knows that he's dating me, so no one is sneaking around.

Thanks again for the helpful advice and I'll post when there's another update 😊 Please do, I am always anxious to hear what is going to with my people out there, the best thing for me is to give advice and it works, so i pride myself on knowing all the success stories and to date, I have very good rating on here.

Well, it's August and there's some good and bad news.

Admittedly we both had faults when we were boyfriend / girlfriend. We both agree what went wrong and dating this time around has been great.

The catch though is I don't know how long I should stay in this holding pattern until he is ready to commit again.

Make sure while you assess, you are still reading, still going out and having fun, getting to know and understand you some more.

You are wonderful to talk to on here, very intelligent and witty, I commend you for what you have accomplished so far, and I do feel with all the knowledged you have found by research and reading about matters of the heart, you are well on your way in finding love.

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That makes me feel better that I won't lose him to her.In that case then, how would he feel if dated other guys, if he says he doesn't have a problem, something is wrong, and because you love him, it may just hurt you. A month was about how long I was setting in my head as a "time to move on" date.Keep an eye on him for another month, and then you decide. I have to admit, I go back and forth about the Safety Net issue.That will give him some time to think when August comes around.It helps to document this progress here so I can organize my thoughts.