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Metazoa comprises five main lineages (see Dohrmann & Wörheide for a review of their phylogenetic relationships): the phyla Porifera (sponges), Placozoa (Trichoplax), Ctenophora (comb jellies), Cnidaria (corals, jellyfish, and their kin), and Bilateria, the mega-diverse group containing all the remaining 30 or so phyla.Most animal phyla appear in the fossil record in a relatively short period during the Cambrian (541–485 million years ago [Ma]), the so-called “Cambrian explosion”.

Unfortunately, the pre-Cambrian fossil record is sparse and its interpretation controversial.Here, we use a previously published phylogenomic dataset that includes a fair sampling of all relevant groups to estimate the timing of early animal evolution with Bayesian relaxed-clock methods.According to our results, all non-bilaterian phyla, as well as total-group Bilateria, evolved in an ancient radiation during a geologically relatively short time span, before the onset of long-term global glaciations (“Snowball Earth”; ~720–635 Ma).MTVs hit dating show, PARENTAL CONTROL is back for an all-new season of laughs, romance and drama.Were casting fun, outgoing couples who have at least one set of parents who cant stand their son or daughters significant other.