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Not only is the site intentionally starting out clean, but Zuckerberg’s social network famously lacks a ‘Dislike’ button, which for You Like’s match-making purposes would only tell half the story. So, for example, You Like might ask a user to rate an activity related to “cooking” or “shopping”, or to express their disposition to “waking up early” or “never being late”.

Other questions drill down to a user’s dating preferences more explicitly, such as “a guy should always make the first move” or whether or not “kissing on the first date” is the done thing.

and the things that make them angry or happy,” says the Istanbul-based startup.

This home-grown approach to generating a user’s interest graph is also intended to produce less so-called dirty data that simply importing a user’s Facebook ‘Likes’ (a technique used by other dating sites and interest-based social networks) can produce.

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OPW INTERVIEW - Nov 4 - We’re extending our coverage on Online Personals Watch to more markets. The city name helps with SEO rankings and marketing the site. Our subscribers are on average 33 years old so not that young at the moment. What is the propensity for people to pay for internet dating in Turkey? We don’t charge the female subscribers which helps us keep the male/female ratio balanced. How would you describe your dating positioning, in terms of being serious like or a little bit more casual?

But that isn’t stopping Gültan and You Like’s other co-founders, which include Ersan Özer who previously founded a Turkish dating network, from giving it a shot.

In the end, however, the site’s success will ultimately hinge on if users like, dislike or skip it entirely.