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A designer watch, an exclusive perfume or sophisticated jewellery seem to be right dating anniversary gifts for her. Yes, being in love with the same person for already 5 years is impressive. Or you may just pack a picnic, grab your beloved one and spend have an overnight stay under the stars. This may not be the most original among all anniversary date ideas but traditions can be adapted in a way you want.

Strictly speaking, it doesn’t matter where you celebrate your anniversary and how much you spend on it.

There are myriads of cool ideas to propose to your beloved one but I should tell about them some other time.

Actions speak louder than words and nothing says 'I like you' quite like a gift.

But want to know the only thought worse than you giving us a gift? Yes, even if we insist you don’t need to get us anything for Christmas, you do.

(Stick with me here.) If you don’t, we’re going to assume you’re on the fence about us, or just don’t care that much.

The only thing to care about is how you and your sweetheart feel this day!

You do not have to think out complicated scenarios to have a valuable evening. To be honest, this was the first thing that came into my mind when I started working on this guide.

Let’s see how you can spend quality time with your sweetheart. Isn’t it banal to have anniversary dates like this? Romance is not a constant, it should be sustained by lovers to last as long as possible.It’s hard for an early relationship to recover from that, so don’t blow this, dude.The magical key to gifting success is to go super-sweet, but super-expensive. Hint at the gift before she opens it Now, onto that gift. “Think about something she has talked about that is special, something that has come up in conversation, like her favorite candy from her childhood, favorite board game or book,” says Casey. ), take her to a lecture or book reading of her favorite author, take her to an art exhibit or gallery or concert.Your anniversary is not the only reason to release your passion but this is what you definitely won’t regret!Plan a romantic rendezvousto your dream destination.