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She revealed that although the two met more than a decade ago, they crossed paths again a few years ago, and followed each other on Twitter.After several exchanged direct messages, the two decided to go out for dinner, and the rest was history.That is really sort of a stunning experience that has taken me a while to accept it.” “There’s a very big age difference between us which I’m sure shocks a lot of people, and it startles me,” Taylor noted, before joking, “but as they say, ‘If she dies, she dies.'” “Most of my relationships have been with women,” Holland added, “and I don’t like talking about them because I don’t like talking about the politics of it all. “Given my generation it would not be something that would automatically occur to me,” Taylor explained.“But as a symbol, as a pledge, as a plighting one’s troth, it would be a wonderful thing to do.” Paulson was previously in a five-year-relationship with actress Cherry Jones, 59, before splitting in 2009.She currently stars as Cate Blanchett’s ex-flame, Abby, in Todd Haynes’ last month, “…I’ve been with men and women, and (the movie) puts a very fine point on that truth, which is that it’s very personal and that love is love, and sometimes you love a person you weren’t expecting to love – and how glorious is that?” On her sexuality and being publicly “open,” she also added: I refuse to give any kind of label just to satisfy what people need."They apparently began dating with each other, I think, in the middle of the first movie ... but definitely they eventually broke up before the second movie," he said.

Shortly after the news broke, the couple decided to go public and revealed they had been in a relationship for a little over a year.

I can't say it any other way than there's a poignancy to it, and a heightened sense of time and the value of time." "I had a complicated home life, and my teachers, predominantly my theater teachers and my English teachers, were very dedicated to taking care of me in a particular way," she shares.

"And in doing so, I think I developed a very easy rapport with people older than myself." "There's a very big age difference between us which I'm sure shocks a lot of people, and it startles me," Taylor told public radio station WNYC, though she didn't confirm she was dating Paulson at the time.

…All I can say is, I’ve done both, and I don’t let either experience define me.

I don’t let having been with a man make me think I am heterosexual, or make me want to call myself that, because I know I have been attracted to women – and have lived with women.