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Noa tried to sell a book about their relationship but Lopez sued and the manuscript was shut down.She walked away with 5,000 in compensatory damages too.

David Cruz (1984-1994): The couple began dating when the singer was just a teenager, but split after a decade together.

Candice Houlihan told the British newspaper 'News of the World' that according to her the two are an item and if they're not, Madonna should reconsider.

"If it's true Madonna has sampled Alex's charms, then she'll know what I mean when I say she's a lucky lady," the New York Daily News quoted Candice Houlihan, as telling the newspaper.

In honor of the Material Girl, we’ve decided to take a look back at her romantic relationships. It seems the Material Girl collects partners just as much as she collects wealth and music awards.

When she was just starting out as a singer, Madonna dated men who could help her career.