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“I knew we’d end up here in your bed, with our arms and legs wrapped around each other like this. She catches you staring at her, and she flashes a wicked sexy smile. You are mesmerized, completely overwhelmed, and you feel out of control, but incredibly aroused.Also, I knew we’d do this a couple of times.” I said to him, as I mounted on top of him. Her eyes seem to say that she knows all the secrets to the universe. Every nerve ending in your body is responding to Victoria seductive eyes. You are filled with carnal desire for the wickedly seductive Victoria. A voice in your head says to step back from her, but you a have fallen for the sexy witch. You have fallen for the tantalizing seductive Victoria.I left my hair loose that day, curled just at the tips, so I could tease you with it all day.When I walked into the room I saw you look at me, I could feel the lust from where I sat.

I can’t wait to put on my black leather Sargent boots and sexy erotic camouflage outfit that will make anyone get on their knees and give me 50. A night full of tricks and treats will be making anyone’s fun and erotic side jump out like never before. I have been told by someone if I run my mouth off at them, I will get my head tied to my clit ring and cloths pens on my tongue until it learns to behave. Until you say no, I don’t know if you like it or not, and will assume you do unless you have given me a specific reason that you don’t. All kinks are a go with full knowledge and consent. I think about how I want to feel your sexy lips on my soft lips.I feel so good while he slamming himself into me Oh my god, boss I can’t believe you’re doing this to me When we finish I know that I look at him a little bit shy but not embarrassed at all and I said to him “how does my hair look” and he tells me “looks like you just got freshly fucked miss Rebecca time to get back to work “ he zips himself up, grabs his high ball glass and walks out. I return silently to the Halloween Office Party, my soaking wet panties in one hand, two empty punch cups in the other.Kisses, Becky 866-930-0008 x 311 Its that time of year you guys! Barely legal I and was startled from my reverie, a voice snapping me back to the present.The day we were suppose to start working I dressed up, exactly the way you like.