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Additionally their band looks like this and has two keyboards. Seriously, how can Andre lay it all out for The Fonz in this heaping pile of garbage, and then sing “Hey Ya” with his back to the crowd at an event whose only parallel in hype would be the second coming of Christ? However, you can barely hear 3000′s verse over the deafening noise of how terrible Kanye is at dancing. Whereas ‘Ye was able to hide his stiff and disjointed moves while in the background, the transition has placed him front and center, and the results are gruesome. Was this solo a part of his contract to do the video?Moving on, Kanye actually does a decent job on the hook, it’s catchy, soulful, and within his vocal range, if a bit shallow and simple. ‘Ye looks like the Kid in High School who tries out for the musical every year, despite his shocking lack of coordination, and is turned down time after time. What were the expressions on the crew members faces during this solo? I predict I will spend many a sleepless night pondering these mysteries.

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Why they’ve never heard something so outrageous in their entire life! We are only the coolest up-and-coming group on the planet with a name that totally does not sound like something a group of forth graders huddled over a porno mag in a treehouse would call themselves! well, I can show you better than I can tell you—but I did this little Loon look with my shades on, you know, very swaggeristic.I recorded two songs, and Kanye called me for his tour when he was opening for Usher. At this time, I was doing really good work at , which were phenomenal opportunities. Clutch: Lots of people don’t know that you had a major role in helping Diddy upgrade his image and wardrobe.The white woman tries to clarify, by reading what she sees on the clipboard “C-O-L-O-U-R-S,” prompting the band to blurt in unison, “Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Raw Style! ” Confusion in this video begins with the song title and never ends.The word “everybody” only appears in harmonized form and is barely distinguishable, and furthermore has nothing to do with the song’s content.

Farnsworth bentley andre 3000 dating