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The book is finished and has been given to the development staff, but they’re not the only ones who get to enjoy the fruits of the community’s labor, as a full PDF of the book can now be viewed and downloaded by fans.

You can also check out a gallery of some pictures of the print edition that was offered to the team.

But if for whatever reason you just have a hard time recalling which weaponskill has which element, the latest patch adds that directly into the help text for skills.

One thing I did not ask, however, was why he didn’t include as a game he would recommend, even though some of our readers wondered it aloud.

I would think that the reason for that would be pretty obvious, given that it was a list of Justin’s recommendations.

Some content has been excised from the online version due to requests for privacy, but regardless, it’s fun to see a labor of love come together like this.

Even if you’ve never so much as set one foot in Vana’diel, you can tell that the people who have care about it a great deal. Yeah, you, dude leeching candy from the bucket you bought “for the neighborhood kids.” And you, lady still trying to decide between “Princess Leia” and “lazy zombie” for your costume (go Leia, duh). Halloween is only one night in real life, but in MMORPGs, it goes on for days or even weeks.