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At the moment this area is one of Italy’s largest regeneration projects.The prostitution problem in Italy started some 50 years ago, when parliament outlawed case chiuse (“closed houses”), throwing sex workers on to the streets.Streetwalker Romanian prostitutes in Milan on road cost 30 Euro, the black African sex workers are much cheaper and you can have sex with them as cheap as 20 Euro.

In Italy, it is an offence even to stop your car in front of a prostitute.Most of the women that you can see along the roads are healthy and quite young (20-25).They are not at all drug addicts, as prostitution abolitionists (aka the religious nutcases) might want to make you think. And there is lots of money involved in Italy’s sex trade.Prostitution in Italy is legal though authorities are taking a firmer stance against it than before.Brothels are illegal and pimping is a serious offense, considered by the law similar to slavery.

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