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Dylan is under arrest for the Executioner’s murders! She doesn’t understand why Dylan left the box, almost as if he wanted to be caught. At the police station, Cam presents the evidence to Dylan, but Dylan denies that he was the murderer.

Cam reveals that he has feelings for Sarah and says he should have waited for her. Cam says he’ll have time to think about his answers since Dylan will be in jail all night.

Her snooping leads her to the basement, where she discovers a bloody basin and knife… Sarah dials 911, but pauses for a moment before hanging up the call and picking up the knife.

At the party, Robin gives a speech toasting Justin’s memory at his Halloween party before Sarah arrives. She pulls him out to a corner and starts kissing him, but Cam feels that something’s a little off. before pulling out his knife and stabbing him in the stomach! Meanwhile, a lawyer arrives to free Dylan from his holding room since he hasn’t yet been charged with a crime.

Dylan writes an editorial in the Bulletin about how he ruined his marriage thanks to his own pride. She admires his bravery and says she appreciates the sentiment, but she’s still upset about Dylan’s lies.

Meanwhile, after hearing about Dylan’s story, Cam sneaks into Sarah’s house..

Cam catches up to Sarah and throws her to the ground right where her mother died, stabbing her in the chest.

As Sarah bleeds, Cam lies down next to her and tells her about the first time he saw her at camp and how he fell for her.

That night, Sarah heads to Cam’s empty house and sneaks in.

At that moment, Robin comes to see what’s going on, and Cam musters the strength to pull out the knife and stab Robin in the chest! Sarah runs down the street back to her house, as Cam stalks behind.

She makes it inside and calls the police, but Cam breaks through the door.

Back at home, Sarah’s going through her old camp scrapbook when she notices a photo of Cam with a sketch he made.

Sarah realizes it looks familiar, and she compares it to one of the Executioner’s drawings.