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The Iowa presidential futures contracts, which were launched by professors at the University of Iowa to study the forecasting power of markets, have had an average 1.37 percent margin of error in predicting the winner of the popular vote, a better record than most opinion polls.[...] The Kerry contracts had a similar rally before the Democratic convention in Boston in July.On the edge of this world lives a young apothecary called Ayesha Altugle, who lives a lonely life selling herbal medicine with only her pet cow for company.One day, when Ayesha goes to visit the grave of her missing sister Nio, she suddenly encounters a ghostly vision of her departed sibling.Huey "Kingfish" Long, as he polished his platform, "Every man a king," for a presidential run.WE ALREADY have amphibious cars that can take us over land and sea and jet packs that allow us to take off like a spaceman.Trading in the Iowa Electronic Markets showed Bush pulling ahead of his rival, Democratic Sen.

The Bush contract traded as low as 49 percent this summer. Attacking his instances of inelegant speech, people who loudly and publicly criticize Bush attack the inelegant.Now some of the world’s leading engineers are trying to advance the technology of travel further by developing cars that can fly.The new vehicles are seen as becoming necessary, with motorways growing more clogged, and commuters prepared to travel further.That's a pretty narrow path to political success, folks. So rant on, and take note of every stupid-sounding thing that the president says.But remember what the horrified New York Times Book Review had to say about Huey Long, the wildly successful governor and senator from Louisiana, when he published his autobiography in 1933: "There is hardly a law of English usage or a rule of English grammar that its author does not break somewhere." And remember one other thing: 1934 was a very good year for Sen.