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There are a lot of different kinds of relationships, friends, dating, "it’s complicated", parent/child, grandparent/child, guardian/child, “just friends”, going together, etc.

With all these different kinds of relationships it’s hard to know what’s healthy or unhealthy, how to keep yourself safe, and what to do if things are going wrong.

20 in Seattle at the American Sociological Association’s 111th Annual Meeting.

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Doing so will only entangle your heart and set you up for disappointment and heartbreak.

If he doesn’t tell you he wants to be in a committed relationship, consider yourself officially ‘just a friend,’” Mc Kinney says.

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“A common concern regarding cyberbullying is that strangers can attack someone, but here we see evidence that there are significant risks associated with close connections,” said Diane Felmlee, the lead author of the study and a professor of sociology at The Pennsylvania State University.

Cyber aggression towards girls may be in part an attempt to keep girls ‘in their places.’” The survey results also showed that LGBTQ youth were four times as likely as their heterosexual peers to be victims of cyberbullying.

“We were not surprised that non-heterosexuals were more likely to be victims than heterosexuals,” Felmlee said.

The researchers also found that certain types of students were much more likely than others to be victimized.

For example, girls were twice as likely as boys to fall victim to cyber aggression.