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I was a single mom until two years ago when I met a wonderful man and married him.

I moved to the city that my husband lived and now live with him and his 3 teen-age kids.

I had to work two jobs and he didn't see much of me or his dad (he would be in pre-school or with my parents).

I even took my husband there to talk to her and she explained the same thing to him but he totally denies that she did! I now find myself keeping a distance from my son whom I love more than anyone in this whole world to avoid fights in the house.

He came home today and told me these things and I was calm and listening to him.

Then he asked me what I think of what the doctor said and I said that I trust my own therapist more since she knows me for over a year now and knows the whole issue and she has seen my son.

I believe he needs therapy as well as his children.

Keep loving your son in the healthy way that you are, someday his wife will thank you.