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Most university-bound students attend separate academic high schools while students who definitely do not plan on higher education attend separate commercial or industrial high schools.In the United States, students enter secondary schools based on either school district assignment or personal choice.University-bound students may elect to take more or less social studies electives depending upon their career interests.All Japanese texts are written and produced in the private sector; however, the texts must be approved by the Ministry of Education.While there are a few comprehensive high schools in Japan, they are not popular.

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Currently over 95 percent of Japanese high school students graduate compared to 89 percent of American students.This Digest is an introductory overview of 1) Japanese educational achievements, 2) Japanese K-12 education, 3) Japanese higher education, 4) contemporary educational issues, and 5) significant U. Japan's greatest educational achievement is the high-quality basic education most young people receive by the time they complete high school.Although scores have slightly declined in recent years, Japanese students consistently rank among world leaders in international mathematics tests.The percentage of national funding for high schools is quite low, with prefectures and municipalities assuming most of the costs for public high schools.High salaries, relatively high prestige, and low birth rates make teaching jobs quite difficult to obtain in Japan while in the United States there are teacher shortages in certain fields.