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“And the number of topless or faceless profile pictures, or monosyllabic messages, is minimal to nonexistent.” Jocelyn wasn’t always political.

But when Sanders began campaigning, he managed to inspire a dormant set of political ideals in her that other candidates had not.

“So for me personally, Sanders really speaks to how myself and my family have struggled economically over the past decade or so.” A 30-something Brooklyn user named Jocelyn (who preferred not to use her real name) says she joined Bernie Singles after it popped up in her Facebook feed around 15 times.

I’ve had a few friend requests but haven’t had any message conversations besides that.” Calkins has joined a few Bernie Singles groups, including one called Bernie Ideas, but says she was already familiar with most of the strategies she found there, like volunteering, phone banking, and canvassing.

Bernie Singles intrigued Griffin Winkworth, a 24-year-old Houston resident who’s involved in grassroots politics, because it’s the first dating site he’s come across that is built around interest in a popular political figure.

“And he can’t be bought by the interests who run the world by buying everyone else. The ultimate decent human being.” Jocelyn says that obviously one would want to hang out and potentially partner with someone who also appreciates such traits.

For her, Sanders supporters tend to be “compassionate yay-sayers …