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Of course, The YBF's got you covered if you just can't wait till tomorrow night to find out. Flav broke her heart and she just bearly got over it. Tango broke her heart so all ya'll should stop hatin!! That and let's face it, Taylor Made has "serial killer" written all over him. Hopefully something silly will happen and we'll have a 3rd season. Just curious why would she pick someone to take care of her?? She wasn't that tore up, like some of the other girls. she is so fake and ridiculously hoish with this ish! she is obviously sleeping with/ giving head to all the crew and stuff.

& Tailor Made congrat u did every thang u could and u won!!

, sources have been buzzing all week about who wins New York's heart this time around. Good Luck too the both of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But now there's a leaked video clip proving who the winner really is. I'm just happy I don't have to cover my eyes anymore every time Tiffany Patterson is one eighth of a drink away from accidentally flashing her vajayjay in her freakum dress. At least until Ha ha ha ha ohhhh myyyyy gooooosssshhhh really peoples i give it hmmmmm 6 motnhs wait it's already been 6 months as we all know it didn't last because we have "I love new york 3" this needs to be updated .....for new york she needs to lose bout 50 lbs and thats just in her mouth.....talks to much....yells to much ...like a fool ...downs to her moms too much......for gold too much so all up we have a case of the " I wants" and not a case of "Baby what can i do for you " talior "MAID" good luck in your new career as a carbanna boy thats all you are ever going to be in her eyes and as for your wallet dam G you gonna have to go and get 3 to 5 jobs maybe just to cover her appitte for shopping lol gooodd luck buddy !!! she deserves to be treated like a QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I was hoping she would choose Buddha because that would have guaranteed a 3rd season (this show is hilarious). It was odvious from FOL that she had money or at least money in her family.

He was definitely the most insane person on the show. congrats to Tiffany..you and tailor made some serious happiness. I mean we witnessed his violence.would anyone walk into that?? I think she picked him because he was the best choice, not because he has some money..deal, who would'nt want a partner who is independant and non-violent. BC AT THE REUNION SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY GONNA GO DOWN!! I believe it:) I knew she was going to pick Taylor Made, or should I say Taylor Maid?

Is it just me but the sight of her and her nasty mouth kissing all over some poor man face make me sick to my stomach! So don't get caught up in the hype of is the reality love.... The only reason New York picked Tailor Made is because he have money.» Tina Campbell Postpones Tour For Lack Of ‘Support’ Following Trump Fiasco Chrisette Michele Tries To Grab Her Black Card Back With New Song» SQUADS!Celebs Take Over The Word Series And That Historic Astros’ Win» Draymond Green Just Got EJECTED After Brawling, Caps Off Week Of Everybody Getting Fined» Colin Kaepernick Inks Million Dollar Book Deal & THEY Are Super Mad» ICYMI: TAKING IT ALL OFF!IS it just me or doesn "NY" look like that sock puppet "LAMB CHOP" they were seperated at birth for real.....I'm just saying » EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Mehgan James From 'BBW: LA" Throws A WHOLE Fit When Her Non-Boyfriend Got Another Chick's Number» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Peter Gunz Tells Amina To Share The Blame In Sharing His Community D With Tara» YBF PREMIERE: Zonnique Demands All The 'Patience' In Sexy New Video» Kevin Hart's Alleged Mistress Just Did A Press Conference With The THOT Union's Lawyer Lisa Bloom» Antonio Brown’s Son’s Mother Makes Deadbeat Daddy Claims, Says He Disrespects His Son!

I love ny and tailor made dating