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Your plenty of fish thumbnail is a reduced version of the original image for quick loading and viewing.

Your profile photo is how other pof singles with connect and recognise you so it’s important that you choose wisely.

The plenty of fish IM application also allows you to send auto messages as well as invite other singles to play games with you.

Online Now What would be useful is to figure out who was last online and what date so that you could focus on them.

What POF does do is let you know who is online now.

It pays to keep the introductory message short and sweet.Either way the rating system is not really worth it. These are the singles that everybody is rating highly ranked by highest rating.You rate out of 10 and it is usually pretty brutal. They will typically have the most attractive profile pictures. When you vote someone on plenty of fish they will show up as one of your fans if you picked 7 or higher. Navigate to the single that you want to add and when you are on their profile scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click add to favourites.It will also list users in order of when they were last online so it’s pretty much the same. Ratings Often you will find if you go into the Ratings section there are a ton of men ready to be rated but all the women have already been rated.Either women don’t like rating guys, there are to many guys, or guys just love rating women.