International dating habits

But, you’re an adult now, and it’s time to control your impulsive urges to check Facebook every 5 seconds.I know that you’re important and you need to see who just liked your profile photo, but when you are on a date with a real-live woman who is deserving of your attention, that’s precisely what you should be giving her.Maybe you thought you’d develop stronger feelings for them eventually.

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Stand out from the crowd by showing her you are different than all the other guys – because you are.

If you start overthinking everything and only doing what you think you’re supposed to do (or not do), then the genuineness of your actions begins to fade and give way to a more robotic structure to your relationship.

How can someone get to know the real you if you are manufacturing every step you take? I’ve mentioned this one a few times before because it’s an ongoing issue.

Honestly, this is so cringe-worthy that I hate to even need to bring it up – but I do.

Maybe when you’re younger you can both play around on the Instagram machine while you’re waiting for your fries and chocolate shake to be roller-skated over to the car.