Intimidating acronyms

When you see black paint, there is practically no difference between the two.This may just be a difficult habit to break, but when standing in line at the bank or grocery store (or wherever! In the service, you’re taught to keep quiet out of discipline and respond to the leader of the line out of respect.If anyone gets busted acting suspicious on your watch, then they’re in for some real trouble.When a civilian tells you to “loosen up” or “relax,” you immediately fall into the stand at ease position. Most of the time, standing in the military version of a relaxing position comes without consciousness.

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Using these slang words will result in one thing and one thing only – explaining what they mean to the people around you.

If the buzz-cut isn’t your thing anymore, you might be rocking a pilot-style or officer-inspired haircut. Whether you’re at a party or your child’s school function, it doesn’t matter.

Chances are you’ve found the perfect location (in the corner or by the wall) to scope out the attendees and make sure everything is copasetic.

Swearing like a sailor may depend on the military personnel but it’s hard to deny that once you’ve entered one form of military branch or the other, a curse word here and there becomes a staple in your vocabulary.

Most civilians are surprised to learn just how often military members and veterans curse! In the army, a soldier knows how to keep his or her uniform spick and span!