Intimidating boss

If the Arsenal players are not aware of what they will be up against at this stage, they certainly will be when they take a walk down the stadium's lengthy tunnel before entering the bowl.Once the players have finally emerged from the bowels of the stadium, they will be greeted by a sea of flags, flares and fanatics as the home crowd raise the roof ahead of another home contest.You are the light in the dark for those who cannot wander alone in this world.A woman is having an affair during the day while her husband is at work.Whenever I play against Arsenal – and this is just a personal thing – I go up and think "let me whack the first one, then we will see who wants it.' While the Europa League clash may lack the aggression, hatred and violence of those clashes with Partizan, Red Star games are notoriously hostile, with fans previously setting fire to parts of the stadium.But Arsenal will also be facing a side with a rich history of its own.

You are a true renegade, fighting for what you believe in and standing up for what's right.The Healer: You like to come up with resolutions for unnecessary conflicts.Your main purpose in life is to make sure that everything goes according to plan.Crvena Zvezda, as they are known in Serbian, currently top their domestic table, four points clear of bitter rivals Partizan, and are in a good position to add to the 27 domestic titles already to their name.They have been successful abroad, too, winning the European Cup in 1991 thanks to a penalty shootout victory over Marseille, following a 0-0 draw in Bari, Italy.