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He is a ladies' man who wants to be both a responsible parent and a best friend to Breanna.Flex is very protective of his daughter, especially with boys.The two were just friends, but Breanna became jealous of Arnaz's old girlfriend, Ginger (Khanya Mkhize).Arnaz became jealous when, in season two, Breanna started dating Josh (Josh Henderson).Flex's best friend and Breanna's godfather, Duane Odell Knox (Kelly Perine), is a used-car salesman who lives across the hall from Flex and Breanna and is a constant presence in their lives for better or worse.Duane's way with women is the exact opposite of Flex's, in which Duane usually repels women.The opening titles for the first three seasons featured the cast playing basketball on an outdoor court (though it also showed some characters doing other things at that same setting, e.g., Spirit checking out a boy who walks past her, and Arnaz playing the guitar only to be interrupted by a basketball bouncing in his direction that fell out of Duane's hand and he chases him).

The series begins with Breanna wanting to stay with her father, Flex, whom Breanna used to see only two weeks a year.The series ends with Arnaz chasing after Michelle (Brandy Norwood), D-Mack's sister, with whom he has fallen in love while Breanna is shown in bed with D-Mack (Ray J).The show's theme song "Living One on One", was written and performed by Shanice (wife of the series star Flex Alexander) and Tonex with music composed by Jonathan Wolff and Becky Kneubuhl (who composed the scene-change music for the first season).In the United States, One on One was broadcast on various local television stations (mostly Fox, The WB, and UPN affiliates) from September 2005 to September 2009.The series originally began airing on The N in October 2005, when the channel was a timeshare service of Noggin, then carried over when The N took over the channel space of Nickelodeon Games and Sports in December 2007 and ran until October 2008; it rejoined the channel's lineup on September 14, 2009, and was moved to the rebranded Teen Nick on September 28, 2009, and aired in two-hour blocks in the morning and late-night hours before being removed from Teen Nick's line-up in early 2011.

Jonathan chase dating anderson cooper