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Whitley's outlandish princess charisma teetered on insufferable, but was eventually scaled back enough to make us laugh and love her.She also wrote and directed a handful of episodes, and even dabbled in music with her first single, "Try Me," making its debut on in the season four episode "Good Help is Hard to Fire." classic themes -- and Dawnn Lewis, who also played the most responsible character on the show, Jaleesa.The show hit a couple of speed bumps in the beginning of its six-season run, but it eventually became a fresh balance of comedy and drama that spoke true to the experiences of young black adults in the early-'90s. The writing staff was fired and producer Anne Beatts (Remember Square Pegs?More than two decades after its retirement, we watched every single episode (again) and discovered 17 groundbreaking moments, life lessons, and way ahead-of-its-time issues that prove the show's still got staying power today. ) was brought in to replace the first episodes with new material. Despite being one of the biggest stars of the 1980s, Bonet stayed on the show for only one season.The song was sung by blues artist Phoebe Snow in the first season.

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Confusingly, they seem to have taken place before Whitley and Dwayne move to Japan." will make you say "I didn't know they were on this show! Cosby's shows often found unknown actors and entertainers who would soon hit the big time.In addition to Tomei, there was Halle Berry, Eriq La Salle, David Alan Grier, Tisha Campbell, Aries Spears, Dean Cain, Orlando Jones, and, of course, Jada Pinkett (before she was a Smith) who joined as a series regular in the last season of the show.The rappers of Kriss Kross played two members of rival gangs in the season-six episode, "Original Teacher." The fine funky divas of En Vogue also popped up during season six as the nerdy church choir nieces of Mr.Gaines in the episode, "Mind Your Own Business." In a non-music role, the late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur showed up as Piccolo, Lena's more "urban" ex-boyfriend who stirs things up on the Hillman campus in the episode "Homie, Don't Ya Know Me?