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'We are waiving the 1970s era law that prevented Medicaid beneficiaries from receiving treatment for substance use in certain settings,' Verma said, alluding to the Institutes of Mental Diseases exclusion, which previously blocked Medicaid from reimbursing for mental health and substance use facilities with more than 16 beds." -ACA Replacement Should Meet Two Tests - Foxes To Guard the Hen House? Employees would be required to contribute, as well, but could opt out of the program if they chose.

"For instance, the difference in wealth held by families at the 90th percentile and the wealth of those in the middle widened from 2,000 to 1,000 over the period (in 2013 dollars).About 39 percent of working households lacked access to, or were not eligible to participate in, an employer-sponsored DC plan at their job in 2013.Low-income households and Black and Hispanic households were even less likely to have access to a DC program at their workplaces or to have DC savings.Social In a May 2016, GAO reported that about 25 percent of working, low-income households had any savings in a DC plan compared to 81 percent of working, high-income households.Sixty percent of households (including 44 percent of working households) without any DC savings in 2013 may result from several factors.