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DAN HAUGEN [Foxfire barista]: I was volunteering at KFAI at the time, helping out Mark Wheat with .Through the station, I had heard that Tom Rosenthal was going to be booking bands at a new all-age venue.GOKCEN: You sold so much merch at those shows, too. We had a T-shirt that we were selling for five bucks, styled after a high-school gym T-shirt from the ’70s.

ROBIN KYLE [singer, Valet; Foxfire barista]: I was hanging out with people who played music, and everyone was talking about it.I remember lining up an interview with Tom and doing a little segment for the show. Half a year in, I started working part-time as a barista.LINDSEY THOMAS [City Pages music editor, 2004-2006]: I moved to Minneapolis in 1999.Its neighbor down the street, First Avenue and 7th St. “The Foxfire was widely recognized as having revitalized the local rock scene,” Keith Harris wrote in his post-mortem for the venue.“City Pages’ 2000 new-band poll, for instance, was rife with ‘Foxfire bands.’” This oral history is, unfortunately, missing the Foxfire’s defining voice. As soon as I had a driver’s license, I was there every weekend. Some people had the football team; I had the Anthrax Club.