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To date, no community has been found where women rule in the way 20th century men dominated Western society.For this reason, many anthropologists in recent years have moved away from utilizing the term “matriarchy” to define women ruled clans and instead, utilize labels such as “matristic”, “matricentric”, “matrifocal”, for example.Written accounts and collections of these myths are only known from the early Middle Ages.Archaeology has revealed something of the Celtic woman through artefacts (particularly grave goods), which can provide clues about their position in society and material culture.

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Although matriarchal orders are not very common, it is not uncommon for religions to have aspects of different cultures, so, objectively speaking, the oddest of the three aspects is that of the “walking marriage”.

In these societies, it has been found that both sexes are often on equal footing, they are linked, rather than ranked, and in a form of partnership (Reeves Sanday, 2002).

One modern day tribe where women rule is the ethnic minority group that can be found high in the Himalayan region, and follow a mostly agrarian economy.

In contrast to that time period, modern traditions indicate that the lineage must maintain a matriarchy.

Researchers found that when a family does not have a female to take the role of future matriarch, a woman will be “adopted” from another family to become head of that household.