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But a red flag eventually did come in the form of a 0 check.At the bank, she saw it with her own eyes.“It was made out to this company that I had never heard of called ‘Fleet Street’ and it was endorsed,” the victim said. But his initials, the name that he was using, is the same initials as mine.”When she reported him to police, officers had no record of Devon Glaze.Then she got a call from another woman who said she is a teacher at Arlington County Public Schools in Virginia and was also scammed by the same man."She said that she came across another woman who actually got engaged,” the victim said.“She booked the hotel, had invitations made.”This Montgomery County woman got her money back and said she will be okay.He has mugshots that date back to the early 2000s and charges that include felony theft, forgery and fraud are etched across court dockets with this man's name.The Maryland woman confronted him and he denied it all. But her friend found him on yet another dating app – this time with a new name: Charles."My heart dropped because I thought maybe he would leave the area,” said the victim.

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There were text messages with his supposed assistant showing plans to travel there on her new boyfriend's private jet.

From those two months together, she only had videos of their dogs playing to show for their relationship.

But then she learned the truth."He seemed very charming, has all of his stuff together,” she told FOX 5.

It seemed like love at first sight."We would go out to dinner or we would go to an NBA game and most people would just have their check card in their pocket, but this guy would have a wad of cash – I would guess ,000 to ,000 in cash," she said.