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Medieval chess pieces have been found in various digs throughout Great Britain, but for the first time, archaeologists have discovered a workshop where such game pieces were made.The discovery was made by a team from the Museum of London Archaeology at the Angel Street excavation in Northampton.As ground-based telescopes became increasingly sophisticated over time, and the technology was developed to dispatch We are finite creatures.Each time the morning alarm goes off, each time we take a breath and every moment we get to spend with loved ones is important.I write to report the happy news that on Friday at Crown tourney their Majesties Thorvaldr and Timoe invited Lady Ailitha de Ainwyk to sit her vigil to consider joining the order of the Laurel, and asked for her reply at court the next day.

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The National Library of Wales has ghosts - but not the scary kind.

(photos) “I cleaned it off and realised it was carved.

It looked like some of the things you see round here in museums so I contacted a museum and the archaeologists got very excited," said John Wyatt about a moss-covered stone slab he purchased for a garden project.

(photos) A team of archaeologists has discovered early Norse artifacts in Canada and its Arctic islands, including what it believes is a stone crucible, with traces of bronze inside, used for metalworking.

(photo) Researchers from the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties are studying a series of square holes they believe may have held the foundation for an important building in Fujiwara-kyo, the nation's capital between 694 and 710.