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am While Howard and the rest of the crew were discussing this past weekend's football games KC came in and said something about seeing football player Dan Marino's ass on TV this weekend. That led to Howard bringing up the fact that KC might just be gay.

Howard thinks that some day KC will come out of the closet, probably when he's in his 40's sometime. This morning he asked Howard who, on the show, he thinks will be the next to split from their wife.She headed right over to his lap and within a few seconds the two of them were making out.John was in the studio to watch and said that he couldn't see tongue because both Howard and Angie's hair was in the way. The whole time Howard was talking to Angie in his soft, sexy voice.Stuttering John asked Angie if she finds Howard attractive and when she said she does, John asked her ''What's the name of your seeing eye dog?'' He also asked her how long it would take Howard to get in her pants. Everyone in the studio was amazed that Howard kissed Angie the way he did.