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This is possible by exploiting the connection to the device and monitoring its data.

This type of unwanted conduct begins to resemble sexual assault, and, based on a review of the law in jurisdictions across the US and around the world, may actually qualify as such in several areas.

Let’s be honest, it’s very impressive/embarrassing for the adult celebs when a stylish child is winning “Best Look” at the Emmys.

Not content with owning the runway, the kids headed inside to whip up a dancing frenzy.

To press such charges, a victim first would need to overcome the threat of stigmatization, identify the attack's perpetrator, and deal with the inherently thorny question of legal liability.

Even if a victim could overcome those challenges, no state or federal legislature to date has actually considered this type of activity within the scope of criminal laws.

Making new friends is now an entertaining i Phone and IPad experience.

Later, they ventured out into the audience to hand out sandwiches to the hungry stars, making themselves officially the most adorable sandwich delivery people in all of world history.

Prosecutors, judges, and juries will undoubtedly face a steep learning curve when—not if—the first case is brought.

Sex toys aren’t the only connected device that highlight these kinds of legal ambiguities.

When asked who he was wearing, Matarazzo replied: “Yeah, uh, I went to this place and got this tux.

I got it at the rental place.” But Millie Bobby Brown, who plays HBIC and breakout-hit Eleven, truly knocked it out of the park: she destroyed the carpet in a gorgeous sheer Valentino gown embroidered with birds, and a customised “Millie” clutch.