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The judge acknowledged his illness during the sentencing but said that it “did not involve sexual contact.” “This is a very strong compulsion as we have seen.

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Weiner was fully aware of the girl’s age when they were communicating, prosecutors said.At most–when the photos come from complete strangers–it’s a form of digital sexual harassment. Because non-consensual sexting reveals a fundamental disrespect for women as people with thoughts and feelings and schedules that do not always line up with your arousal timetable.It turns women into blow-up dolls cradling i Phones.After all, as with most things related to sex, it all comes down to communication–maybe both of you are into the surprise sext, but talking about it first is key. Sending someone a flirty text or a suggestive picture isn’t the same as jumping right into the whole explicit dirty talk thing.As one friend put it, “There’s a difference between sending someone a thing you feel they might enjoy looking at at their leisure, and the text equivalent of just poking them with your [erection].” A girl can’t blame a dude for thinking you want to sext with him again, especially if you’ve engaged in the act before.