Piolo pascual dating shaina magdayao

As long as the two are happy, this is some exciting revelation. KC Canlas An engineer by profession but a writer by passion, she uses her five years of college education to formulate quirky annotations.She’s attracted to all things tech, mostly gadgets between four and seven inches.She enjoys traveling near or far so long as she gets to tick off stuff from her bucket list.She loves driving even long road trips, but if you don't sing in the car, you can't be friends with her. She loves to talk about “the weather” and says “the economy” a lot. But yes, if you were paying attention, she made the first sentence rhyme.

(SPOT.ph) While fans mourned the end of Dan Rich, another showbiz couple has just emerged from secrecy.She shared that she values commitment and that is why she is taking her time.She said that if she will have a boyfriend, that means he’s probably the one she wants to marry and while she waits for that to happen, she’ll focus on work.Let that sink in for Valentine’s Day, Piolo Pascual (who we lovingly call Papa P) is taken.Now pass the chocolates and lemonade moscato, please.