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An army was led by Mac Lochlainn into Meath, as far as Rath-Ceannaigh, to meet the men of Ireland; and Toirdhealbhach proceeded into Meath, to meet Ua Lochlainn and Diarmaid Mac Murchadha, King of Leinster.They divided Meath into two parts on this occasion; they gave from Cluain-Iraird westwards to Murchadh Ua Maeleachlainn, and East Meath to his son, Maeleachlainn.Her abduction occurred within the context of a joint military effort against her husband by Tairdelbach Ua Conchobair (king of Ireland) and Mac Murchada.The surviving Irish annalistic accounts differ from one another in some of their details, but more significantly they stand apart from later English sources in that they do not compress the events of the 1150s and 1160s to create a sense that Derbforgaill’s abduction played a direct and immediate part in Mac Murchada’s banishment and his subsequent enlisting English help.

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The Annals of the Four Masters are clearly relying on multiple sources at this point, as the return of Derbforgaill from Laigin in 1153 is recorded twice.

Firstly as a result of being carried away by force by Tairdelbach Ua Conchobair and returned to her male kinsmen (and not her husband), The description in the seventeenth-century Annals of Clonmacnoise is quite close to that of the Annals of the Four Masters, although more lurid and it is the only Irish annalistic source to offer a moral judgement on Mac Murchada, while simultaneously apportioning blame on Ua Ruairc: Murrogh king of Leinster tooke the lady Dervorgill, daughter of the said Morrogh o’Melaghlin, and wife of Tyernan o’Royrck, with her cattle with him, and kept her for a long space to satisfie his insatiable, carnall and adulterous lust, shee was procured and enduced thereunto by her unadvised brother Melaghlin for some abuses of her husband Tyernan don before.

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